What’s in My College Backpack?


With school starting, I thought it was the perfect time to show you what I keep in my backpack MWF! I usually like to keep the bare essentials in my backpack so it’s not too heavy as I’m walking across campus, as that can really slow me down and drain my energy.


I carry a North Face “Slingshot” backpack everyday to my classes. It’s durable, lightweight, roomy, and functional. It has plenty of pockets to store everything I need daily and nothing ever gets lost. My favorite thing is that it has a padded slot in the back for my laptop so it’s extra protected.


Cosmetic Bag
I like to keep all my essentials in a small make-up pouch. I keep chapstick or lipstick if I wear it that day (Nivea’s chapstick is my favorite), Advil, Perfume (Sugar Lychee by Fresh will always be my signature scent!), gum, and pads or tampons just in case that time of the month comes as a surprise.


Water Bottle
I always like to carry a water bottle, it makes it so much cheaper than always having to buy a water from vending machines (and it’s good for the environment!). Also, if I’m carrying my water bottle, it encourages me to drink more and stay hydrated!


Earphones are a must when I have a few hours between classes and just want to sit and watch Netflix without annoying everyone around me by playing it out loud.


Flash Drive
Flash drives are so handy, and they’re required in a few of my classes that require me to put a program onto them and bring it to class everyday. I just bought a cheap 16 GB flash drive from Target and put it in a pocket inside my backpack so it’s always with me.


I use my planner for all my classes, mostly because I find it easier to keep track of everything I have to do if it’s written all next to each other. I have my planner color coded (green, purple, pink & blue for my classes and black for my social/work stuff) so it makes it quicker to just glance and know what is due for which class. My planner is from Target and it gets the job done!


Self-explanatory, but I chose to bring it everyday so I can work on homework (or watch Netflix oops) during my breaks in between classes. I have a MacBook Air that I absolutely adore.


Notebooks & Binders
I only carry 2 notebooks and 1 binder because I find it easier to buy a notebook with multiple subjects/sections and use it for all my classes (unless you’re required to have a lone one for one subject like English like I do). My binder just keeps all of my handouts and extra information my professors give me.


I commute to my university so I always have my wallet and keys on me. My wallet is a Kate Spade Cedar Street Darla credit card holder, and I love it so much. It makes it so easy to carry everything because it has a key ring on it and holds everything I’d need during my everyday life.


Sunglasses are essential for me because I squint so hard at even the tiniest bit of sun so they help me not look so angry as I’m walking across campus to my classes. My favorites right now are from Forever 21!


Well there you go, daily essentials for your college backpack! I hoped this helped you out with some ideas on what to stick in your bag as you’re heading out to class! Anything I missed? Let me know in the comments what you carry in your backpack!



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